New Characters! 2.8 Update! Injustice Gods Among Us! IOS/Android

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Injustice has gave us another huge 2.8 Update! Basically to summarize this update we have got new characters, packs, gears, and more! Also, they have patched the “Switch Glitch”. Characters added: Kahndaq Black Adam, Dawn of Justice Wonder Woman, Dawn of Justice Superman, Dawn of Justice Batman, and Antimatter Sinestro! ^^

Looks like they pretty much merged the Superman Vs. Batman movie into the game! ^^ (Trailer:

Full Details:

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44 Comments on New Characters! 2.8 Update! Injustice Gods Among Us! IOS/Android

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  2. I lost all my progress in injustice… Is there a way to get all my items back???? I had darkseid,red son superman and many more. I deleted the app and redownloaded it after like 1 or 2 years later now it just restarted. ive been using my game center account called FamilyGamesHD for more than like 2-3 years, i just made a WBID account today. can anyone help me restore all my progress?

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