New Characters! 1.7 Update! Mortal Kombat X (MKX) Mobile! IOS/Android

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Sorry about the huge inactivty lyfe can be a struggle 🙁 but, i’m back now! ^^

Videos of the characters will come soon! Tell me which character you want to see first! ^^

Android update is on the way! (Might take a week! Who knows?)

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As always thanks for the love in watching my videos and givin them a like and staying subbed! 🙂

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39 Comments on New Characters! 1.7 Update! Mortal Kombat X (MKX) Mobile! IOS/Android

  1. aww I miss the cool character :/ the dark empress kitana, another version of sub zero and etc aren't pretty bad but will they be avaible in shop? like they do the same with thunder god raiden?

  2. They have to bring revenant liu kang…

    liu kang receives health,power and damage increase when blocking and everything he fights…. It will fight for him(like dark empress kitana)

    first special-bicycle kick
    second-dark metamorphosis+poison

    third-the original for the shaolin xray

  3. Why would I bother about this?? I got cybernetic jaqqui undead hunter Johnny cage, I got fused seven for everyone, Knine is not the only guy to have these characters though…. but this is dope

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