New BlackBerry 10 phones; Microsoft Surface to cost $199; Galaxy Note 2 teaser

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Another week has come and gone which means it’s time for another round-up of the latest news with Sydney and The Dog Pound. First, we got some updates on how BlackBerry 10 is coming along. RIM CEO Thorsten Heins says that the new OS is in the final testing stages and that he’s even carrying a Blackberry 10 phone on him at all times. The OS is slated for an early 2013 launch and we have a few more details on some of the phones to expect. In other news, the proceedings in the Apple vs. Samsung case have finished and the jury is not deliberating. We’ll soon know what is to become of these two tech giants. There’s a lot of news to cover to watch the show to see what all happened in the mobile technology space from last week!

RIM planning six BlackBerry 10 phones, replaceable batteries to be…

38 Comments on New BlackBerry 10 phones; Microsoft Surface to cost $199; Galaxy Note 2 teaser

  1. I am very excited…..I've been a BB loyalist for years, just switching to Droid last year. I've been telling myself, that as soon as BB releases devices as functional as Android ans Apple, then I would go Back-berry……

  2. Wish they will hurry up with the Blackberry 10 phones and when they bring them out that they have colors or at least white and black. I hate it when they only release in black. I have a playbook that is why I am looking for the new blackberry phone for the bridging.

  3. well that give me a hint you don`t chat enough to know the shortcuts must be lonely no wonder you don`t use blackberry you know what never mind replying i don`t want to talk to someone retarded like you and stop the fuck-ing hate kid you make your self more retarded every reply until i can`t speak to you i hate stupidity

  4. For a start, don't call people boy. And secondly, that is against samsung, not Google itself. Taking on Google directly would be idiotic from Apple. Everyone knows it. I'm in NO way a fan boy of android as I own apple and android devices, and FYI android was originally in Beta in 2006/Alpha 2005. Before iOS was released in 2007. Having owned both operating systems I KNOW that they are completely different. And I know I haven't seen it, however people that have seen it will agree that it's a copy

  5. What are the chances of BB not releasing something in development today until a year later and having that technology still be cutting edge when it hits the market? Absolutely zero.

  6. Glass = looks expensive but unfortunately fragile
    Plastic = looks cheap but more durable

    You should tell that to the guy who showed the video about the drop test. Basically we can't say anything about the glass as they are both made out of gorilla glass 2

  7. I agree totally. Its a good thing companies like Samsung have given Apple a kick up the backside otherwise we would have the same old. What other companies could get away with releasing two high end phones that look identical within a few years by adding an "S"

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