New Apple TV, iPhone 6s, iPad Pro, Revealed! Skylake Laptops, Gaming GPU Reccos, & Reliable SSDs!

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00:45 – Engadget’s Apple iPad Pro announcement:
iPad Pro:

03:20 – Apple Watch XL Band:

04:30 – Apple TV:
Developer Beta for Apple TV:

08:24 – iPhone 6s and 6s Plus:

12:56 – Verizon Will Field Test 5G LTE Next Year:…

30 Comments on New Apple TV, iPhone 6s, iPad Pro, Revealed! Skylake Laptops, Gaming GPU Reccos, & Reliable SSDs!

  1. I'm getting 40mbps down on lte right now and 25mps up .. I find this to be sufficient. That's way more than what's available in my area via cable DSL satellite etc. I'm paying out of my butt for 25mbps down and 2mbps up (75$ per month) from my cable company, the fastest available at this time(with promises of upgrades, yea right)…I'm okay with the 25mbps it's definitely way better than the 1.5mbps I was stuck with for 10 years from att as they were the only game in town at the time. I really wish we had charter or Comcast or something that was better. 5g lte? Sounds nice but it'll be expensive just as 4g is right now.

  2. IOS9 ruins your iPhone 5! I hope one day everyone turns its back on Apple like we are doing with Facebook. Over rated, over priced. Apple aint the firm it was back in the iSteve days.

  3. As always, love the show! I know you guys addressed the audio issue in the comments but in case something similar happens in the future, I've found an easy way to deal with this using VLC and Audacity plus whatever video editing software you use.
    First, extract the audio from the video using VLC's "Convert / Save" feature under the "Media" tab. Add the video to the "File Selection" area using the "Add…" button and hit "Convert / Save". Under "Profile", select "Audio – CD" and click "Browse" under "Destination", give it a name and location, hit "Save", and then "Start". This will extract the audio from the video into a .wav file. You can skip this step if the audio and video is recorded separately; you can also use whatever program you so choose to convert the video to a .wav (or other audio extension) file if you have a specific media conversion program, but I find VLC's integrated conversion feature to be extremely useful.
    Open Audacity and hit "File" -> "Import" -> "Audio" and select the extracted audio. Do this twice so that two instances of the file are open at the same time. In the left-hand side of the first audio clip, set the slider that has "L" and "R" on it all the way to the "L" side and do the same to the second audio clip but all the way to the "R" side. Export the audio using "File" -> "Export Audio…", give it a file name, and hit "Save". Then use whatever video editing software you use to override the video's audio track with this newly-created track.
    I have tested this method out on this video, and in this particular instance, the audio seemed closer to a binaural experience and thus would have sounded a bit more natural as the audio. I am far from an audio expert, so I cannot guarantee this method would work for all audio issues, but in this case, it would have been a better experience.
    All that aside, thank you very much for all of the episodes and can't wait for the future episodes!

  4. If one comment wasn't enough…

    We fixed the audio, at least we think so, on our newest episode. None of us went to college for audio training, so I could be wrong. Check the episode we posted this week, and please let us know if it still sounds like crap. Sorry last week's episode sounded so terrible. I yelled at people on your behalf, and my own. – Shannon

  5. Love the show. Not so sure about the sound issues that seem to pop up every now & then. P muffled, S over driven. Stereo separation (if deliberate, not noticed it before) wrong channels. Suggest someone on a live monitor feed (assuming pre show testing ?). It's a tech programme after all & we want you to present as well as you can. Apologies, I am an ex BBC Sound Engineer & it is not doing you justice. Content no issues, keep it up. Like the repartee between hosts.

  6. disappointed at the no 4k support for Appletv. This year at CES all the TV manufactures showed 4k and up TVs.

    not one vender is making 1080p next year.

    I am not a Apple fan. All the specs showcased by the hosts made me want to buy it.

    ive been looking at the chromecast and the roku for a while for my big tv but cant make up my mind but this apple tv looked pretty cool however that is all on paper. ill wait til a review comes out i guess.

    i wonder if the is a device that i can plug into the tv that would make it a big tablet. Rasberry pi thing looks like best bet.

    any other suggestions?

  7. Any chance this will get re-uploaded with the audio issues fixed? It's not quite so bad if you have a real stereo setup (but it's still pretty rough), but I'm stuck with a crappy stereo headset where only the right channel works. I mean, I love me some Snubs, but I'd like to hear what Patrick has to say, too :p

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