NBA 2K14 – How To Get Tons Of Easy Steals (Tips & Tricks)

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Here’s some tips and tricks on how to get a bunch of easy steals in nba 2k14 my career. Don’t forget to subscribe guys!

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22 Comments on NBA 2K14 – How To Get Tons Of Easy Steals (Tips & Tricks)

  1. You suck 15 steals?! I get 30steals, 30assists, 10rebounds and 80+points almost all the time… Even if it against Miami… I even make bad players look good… Hope i can upload it on youtube but I don't know what software can i use to capture my game…

  2. It hasn't been working 4 me. I must be doing something wrong? When i get in front of the pg he runs fast and really close to the sg so i can't get in between, or the sg will just pass to someone else? Playing on xbox 360.

  3. You couldn't get steals against Miami bcuz LeBron is basically the point guard and wade is the shooting guard, chalmers is just kinda……..there, so the ai doesn't seem to recognize him.

  4. its bullshit i have never seen in my carrier how the players from other team plays like morons like in your video, they never pass when im on man

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