NASA app comes to Apple TV

NASA app comes to Apple TV

NASA just released its NASA app for Apple TV, its popular app that has been downloaded 17 million times across iOS, Android and Fire OS. From now on, you’ll be able to see on demand NASA videos, high-definition versions of NASA TV, real-time views of the Earth from the International Space Station, as well as 3D satellite tracking maps without syncing your computer with your television monitor.

“The NASA app has been a fantastic way for the public to experience the excitement of space exploration from their mobile devices,” said David Weaver, NASA associate administrator for Communications. “Now, users with the latest Apple TV can explore and enjoy our remarkable images, videos, mission information, NASA Television and more on the big screen with the whole family.”

Besides all the livestreams and launch videos, the NASA app also lets you scroll through more than 15,000 NASA photos, view NASA’s Earth as Art galleries, as well as enjoy video roundups like “This Week @ NASA.” If it sounds boring, you can also listen to “Third Rock” internet streaming radio while scrolling through its goodies. The app also comes with a widespread list of all the missions NASA is working on, such as the Juno mission. The app is currently available in the App Store on Apple TV, along with iOS, Android and Fire OS.


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