N.O.V.A. – Game Review Gameplay Trailer for iPhone/iPad/iPod

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NEWLY UPGRADED FOR iPHONE 4 with optimized graphics for the Retina display & gyroscope support for innovative controlling and aiming precision.

**IGN – Best Action Game of the Year: “A slam-bang action game that draws a new line in the sand”
**Pocket Gamer – 9/10 + Gold Award: “Extraordinarily polished gameplay and high production values guarantee a blast”
**Touch Arcade: ” One of the most ambitious iPhone games I’ve played so far”
The most revolutionary sci-fi FPS for your iPhone & iPod Touch!

Join the fight for mankind’s survival against the aggressive aliens known as Judges in this immersive space opera.

With Earth no longer able to sustain life, huge artificial satellites called “near-orbitals” were constructed for people to live on. To protect themselves, the near-orbitals banded together to form N.O.V.A., the Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance….

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  2. I play N.O.V.A. on my PS Vita, but there's no multiplayer in that version. Furthermore, I cannot find N.O.V.A. 2. Is it an IPhone exclusive? The 3rd one is mah fav.

  3. Пришли ссылку на игру плиз или скажи что делать я захожу в N.O.V.A. захажу. обучение учят стрелять и бамс произошла ошибка в приложение N.O.V.A.

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