Mysterious iPhone 7 Feature Leak!

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NEW iPhone 7 Prototype Mysterious Feature, Design Changes & Latest Rumors!

39 Comments on Mysterious iPhone 7 Feature Leak!

  1. Only thing I've hear is the speaker will be improved that's about it the rest of the iPhone 7 will be the same old shit as the 6s nothing new. It looks like it won't even be water proof now. Apple are sliding big time now I mean just where is the innovation? Everyone was dissapointed by the 6s as it was only a minor upgrade well it's looking like the same story for the iPhone 7 now. 

  2. I got the Galaxy S7 Edge but sent it back to stick with iPhone 6s. With every leak or rumour about iPhone 7 I'm starting to think this was a mistake. Now crap about iPhone 8 will be good,.
    Hopefully I'm wrong as I love iOS, but I won't spend hundreds on a phone that yet again lags so far behind. I'll join Samsung upgrade programme & ditch Apple for good if they come out with another disappointment.

  3. i still haven't bought a new phone to replace the old one(s6 Edge) i sold. i'm leaning towards HTC 10 or the upcoming iphone 7. the reason i ditch samsung is they suck at updating their phone unlike apple. i would buy iphone 7 IF the battery would be upgraded from the current iphone 6s plus battery +40% battery would be great.

  4. I think I'll be buying a battery case (not the Apple one) to extend my iPhone 6 lifespan and wait what next year is gonna bring.
    Rumors so far have been very underwhelming. Either they are focussing on stuff that will happen in 2017 at the earliest or features that are exclusive to the plus model – which I don't care for.

  5. If that's real laser autofocus, Apple be like:
    "Mind-blowing amazing feature that never done before, so beautiful yet craziest biggest innovation of human kind in technology"

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