MyNBA2K16 App Blacktop Challenge FIRST GAMEPLAY AND FULL BREAKDOWN – tips and tricks video and More!

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MyNBA2K16 Blacktop Challenge is here! It will be available on March 10 for the public, but for now, take a sneak peak, with some tips and tricks, with MyNBA2K16 Blacktop Challenge gameplay! This includes information about BRP, Rewards, VP, and how to get legendary and higher cards with the Ultimate Creator!

If you want more MyNBA2K16, there will be a video of gameplay later today at 2BG Plays. Subscribe there and it would mean the world:

Link to GaryOak’s video on Blacktop Challenge:

nba 2k16 comes in all shapes and sizes, and this mode bridges the gap between console and mobile a bit more. I’ll be bringing more feedback about the mode as I play it more, but CatDaddy has done something fantastic here that I think a lot of people will enjoy and get into.

Here is some more information on the new Blacktop Challenge Mode:

-Requires a 25-card…

28 Comments on MyNBA2K16 App Blacktop Challenge FIRST GAMEPLAY AND FULL BREAKDOWN – tips and tricks video and More!

  1. can u help people with lower deck ranks by giving them tips for BTC. The highest I've ever made it was 4 and I always get beat by the Stars and Playoffs. Thanks.

  2. I just wanna know how people can get 7 games in a round. I can only play 6 and I'm tapping like crazy. Maybe their phone/ connection is faster than mine? Maybe there is a better technique than just tapping the screen as fast as you can the whole time (which wears my thumb out badly)

  3. i got bored of this by the end of 2k15 playoff bs. I came back in my2k16 but stopped at epic. This gamemode is getting me into this game again and cant put down my phone XD

  4. Why can't they have this sort of mode with a similar rewards system in the NBA 2K16 game?

     The ultimate creator would be a nice feature to have, just make it a fair amount of commitment to get a reasonable amount of pack luck increase for a limited time period (5% amethyst or 1% for a diamonds).

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