My Top 5 iPhone 6S, 6S Plus, and SE Apps I Can’t Live Without!

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** Feedly:

** Lastpass:

** Cloudmagic:

** Evernote:

** ProCam:


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19 Comments on My Top 5 iPhone 6S, 6S Plus, and SE Apps I Can’t Live Without!

  1. Wow finally another ProCam user! Couldn't agree more with how you described how great it is! It's like $4 and on top of that the 4K video options are separate IAPs at least when I got it they were but it's completely worth the money for how effective it is. I was a ProCam beta tester so I got them free at first on the beta and they were always worth it so I purchased them. I even feel it's better than some other popular cameras like the well known Filmic Pro. One of my favorite features on it now though is one the Apple Watch shutter button which enables another newer favorite feature of mine the Slow Shutter mode for low light, light trails and motion blur with a variety of shutter lengths in an effective simple way. It's very professional but so easy to use for anyone really.

    There are so many great photo apps for taking, editing, and just creating on iOS too between Afterlight, Union, Ultralight, Polar, Fonta, Filterr, and more. A few other cameras like Manual, VSCO, Shoot and Filmmaker Pro both by the makers of ProCam, Horizon Camera and many more. Also Rizon for getting the best times to take photos where you're currently at.

    That's sadly a good portion of my third party apps being camera/editing I use on my iPhone just because I don't need much beyond stock and these are all super good, easy, and effective.

  2. Nice video man as always… I have a tech YouTube channel where I mainly use my iPhone to shoot videos… would you recommend using the ProCam 3 app over the stock Camera app for shooting videos for YouTube?

  3. procam 3 is best manual camera app on ios.. i use cloudmagic on my oneplus2 but on ios the animations are smooth compared to Android as my brother use same on his iPhone 6s plus.. really good choice of apps

  4. A free alternative to LastPass is KeePass. KeePass2Android is really good and the desktop program is alright, but I haven't been able to find a good iOS client.

  5. I've been looking for more apps to use on my iPhone. Liven up my phone a bit. But you know people bragged so much about apps being better on iOS, I switched. I expected the performance and experience to be so much better. Never happened for me lol. I'm actually missing apps I used on Android, using my iPhone. I love my iPhone, but I've yet to see a difference in reliability and app performance.

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