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Hey YouTube family! I’m on set filming, so I decided to make you guys a video about my favorite apps! Let me know in the comments what your favorite apps are so I can feature some in my next video!

Superwoman AKA Lilly Singh visits me at work:
Sammy and I learn to cook tanjine on a special Moroccan edition of Shay’s Kitchen:
Take a tour of my Pretty Little Liars dressing room:

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43 Comments on My Favorite iPhone Apps | Shay Mitchell

  1. Lovee this so much ?? seriously love seeing what other people have on their phone, opens my eyes up to things I might need to download ?Some apps that I use:All TrailsPinterestFitbitAnd vine!

  2. Hi Shay Mitchell! Just wanted to say hi and I love your YouTube channel. I think you are an amazing actor and I just wanted to say how much I love you!!!! I ❤️ pll and just thank you for being soooooooo amazing!!!!

  3. You should try swap its really helpful if your tired off something and want to exchange it for something new that someone else wants to get rid off most people don't know about it but it's amazing and I think you would really enjoy it and Sammy would love it as well

  4. hi shay! i'm french so sorry if i don't really speak english..But i love you,i know you from PLL and i have find you channel,and i don't all understand,bur your video are really cool (i have 14 years old so sorry for my english..)

  5. Hi shay if you ever read this comment I love you so much! You are my role model and I'm sure you are to a lot of more fans too. I want you to know that me and all of your fans really do appreciate your hard work you do for all of us. Please keep making YouTube videos as long as you can. We will always be here for you! I hope when I'm older I could be as strong and confident as you are. Never loose your inspiration to do anything you love! Your truly a miracle.❤️

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