My Blackberry Is Not Working! – The One Ronnie, Preview – BBC One

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Ronnie Corbett and Harry Enfield star in this fruity sketch from The One Ronnie, written by Dawson Bros.

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  1. Ronnie Barker was the King of wordplay. "Four candles there you are." "No, fork andles, not four candles." The dialect and accent Ronnie Barker loved for word play. Had he lived this would have been his.

  2. This could so easily have been a cringey 'old people don't understand technology' sketch but it manages to be really funny and stay the right amount of ridiculous

  3. A ledgend Ronnie in heaven you now are with all the late greats your partner ronnie barker, christopher lee, les dawson vincent price, peter cushion, frank carson, david bowie, denise robertson, Elizabeth Taylor, Princess Diana. ans so many more l can mention that l dearly miss. The only comfort l get from your loss here, is that l know l will one day, see you all again. Keep the place heaven bright, also l left the last mention to my husband who l loss in 2012 he to is in heaven and to me he was a real star, so Michael you to sit among the star's and with our lord, because without you lord, none of us would not have been here, so you lord get the very best mention. Thank you God for all the talent that gave us so much pleasure on earth in one way or another, the talent of those l mentioned differed in so many ways, one a Princess who did the lords work when on earth, the otheres made us laugh, to keep us well, an actress to give us a slice of beauty and inner beauty too, so many more l could mention. Thank you all.

  4. Remember the days when Blackberries and Apples were fruits and "Crashed" and "Frozen" meant just that? I still use a Blackberry. Works pretty great but the camera seems to have frozen. :P

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