MSI Teased Their New Backpack PC on A Press Event in Taiwan!

MSI Teased Their New Backpack PC on A Press Event in Taiwan!

What if you can carry your PC on your shoulder or use it as a backpack? Yes, a few days ago MSI teased their new backpack PC system to the gaming world on a press event in Taiwan. The whole thing doesn’t look like a jetpack as well; this is the complete PC pack with extremely powerful specifications.


This backpack can handle 4K gaming and powerful VR experience for the latest games. The MSI Backpack PC is really smaller than Mini-ITX frameworks and additionally both the Xbox One and PS4. In spite of its little size, it includes an Intel Core i7 K series processor and a desktop grade Nvidia GTX 980.


Though this product needs to be able to absorb high levels of shock, drop tests and a bunch of tests will confirm if it is up to the mark, in the near future, this backpack PC may feature NVidia’s Pascal based GTX 1080 and GTX 1070. Well, these are not the mobile GPU’s for sure, these are the complete raw power beaming machines, that may need a high level of battery power like laptops.

MSI is also thinking to treat this backpack as a Full-on-PC, meaning users can upgrade the components like RAM, and Graphics Card according to their own taste. The most frequent change for this backpack would be the Batteries.

The Backpack promises the users will get no less than an hour and 30 minutes in virtual reality on a single charge. Unfortunately, the hip-mounted batteries aren’t hot swappable. The price is still unannounced as this project is still under development.


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