Motorola’s MotoMods Projector in action with the Moto Z

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22 Comments on Motorola’s MotoMods Projector in action with the Moto Z

  1. Most of us love using our smartphones in bed, right?
    1. Lay down on your back.
    2. Project your smartphone on your ceiling.
    3. Watch your movies till you fall asleep!

    This is a dream!

  2. Why is everyone giving credits to lenovo for this concept… this was a complete brainchild of motorola themselves…lenevo is just associating themselves because moto is now a subsidiary of it…. nothing more than that… and the person who gave the keynote on Lenevo Tech World was one of the worst I have ever seen.. that guy is really the worst orator I have ever heard…. he was as bad as good the announced innovative technologies were….He singlehandedly took away half the interest…

  3. qualperDOTcom check it out. They are using the Sony PicoP projector engine. 10mm thick smartphone with Infinite focus PicoP laser projection embedded into the phone.

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