Motorola Moto X Force Unboxing

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A flagship smartphone with a shatter-proof screen that comes with a 4 year warranty.

Aluminium framed and with a nylon back the phone is solid and feels good in hand.

21 megapixel rear facing camera complete with dual tone LED flash allows you to capture the moment and the Android OS gives flexability and control over what you want to do.

Watch the video to see what is in the box.

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41 Comments on Motorola Moto X Force Unboxing

  1. I don't really need a shatterproof screen. In all my years of owning a mobile, I have maybe dropped them once or twice from only small drops and not had phones break. I am only looking at this phone as it has a huge battery, 3GB RAM, and it isn't massive (like moto x style). I would go for moto x play, but only 2GB RAM and the processor is slower.

  2. Oh my god i want this thing SO BAD!!! It recently came out here in the netherlands i think but it's 699 euro's! Which is a teeny tiny big bit above my budget of 0… -_-

  3. Can I buy this using a non-UK credit card, have it shipped to an address that belongs to a package forwarder that will ship it to me? If so, will you also have me pay the VAT?

  4. The only reason I want this over the Style Pure, is the AMOLED display, 3760 mAh battery, and partly the shatterproof lense. They are slmost identical. I hope motomaker happens soon!

  5. Change of plans guys. It's not water resistant so I'll wait until they add that to the spec sheet. I'll keep you updated on my little phone adventure. Like and subscribe. Now, suck my cock.

  6. This phone has everything I want :O 1440P AMOLED screen, SD card slot, battery life that doesn't suck, and wireless charging. Plus a screen that doesn't break from falling off the bedside table? Yes please Motorola, I'm glad you made a comeback in Europe and you can have my money.

  7. 2015, no USB C? No fingerprint in front ? No camera F1.8 ? Motorola is not afraid… We will see if Lenovo will not do something with Motorola but my finger tells me that there will be a big swipe soon.

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