Motorola Moto X Force 1000 foot Drop Test – Dropped from the sky – iGyaan

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We wanted to test out how shatter resistant the Moto X force really is. We dropped it from 1000ft on unpaved ground, and see the results.

The phone was dropped a total of three times for the purpose of our shoot and capturing the Slow motion shot and amazingly all three times the phone survived.
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46 Comments on Motorola Moto X Force 1000 foot Drop Test – Dropped from the sky – iGyaan

  1. Considering terminal velocity and the mushy ground, a drop from the window of my apartment at the concrete might be way more harmful to the device than what you did.

  2. This video is crap. You were only about 500 feet in the air (at the most), NOT 1000 feet. Total BULLSHIT!

    Free fall was like 4.3-4.8 seconds… It would take around 8 seconds to fall 1000 feet. Plus you can tell that your graphic showing altitude is just fake, does not correlate with actual altitude. That vehicle of yours cannot climb at the rate in which you were indicating. Plus at the start (00:42) it says you are like 150 feet in the air when you are clearly no more than 40 feet in the air.

    Why lie?

  3. Good work.. just one suggestion.. next time please switch on the video recording on the phone, so that we can see the way it falls down… would be thrilling i guess.

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