Motorola Moto 360 (2nd Generation) Review

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Motorola captured the adoration of a tech geek nation with its first Android Wearable. The Moto 360 was a round-faced anomaly in a sea of squares, a distinctive wristwatch that actually looked more like a timepiece than a piece of technology. Its sequel updates the original’s underpowered processor and brings additional sizing options, but leaves other controversial aspects intact. At nearly twice the price, is the new Moto 360 worth the premium over its predecessor? Find out in our Moto 260 2nd Gen review!


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45 Comments on Motorola Moto 360 (2nd Generation) Review

  1. Hi, my moto360 2 touch screen is not work seen yesterday, I tried to reset many times but the touch screen got no response, any one got his problem and what can I do?

  2. I think could have done better with the design of the watch. If they still want the light sensor at the bottom they should have made it a square face watch to keep it uniform. only having a 1.5" screen and then cut some more off for the sensor. To me they would think a little more.

  3. I miss Michael Fisher in the current pocket now reviews. I hope he is doing ok since pocket now team doesn't want to share on his whereabouts

  4. I struggled to understand WHY the makers of this watch left the black horizontal bar visible on the otherwise circular clean watch face. Why why why Motorola?

    I pass (inspite of my being able to buy it real cheap).

  5. I have used sony smartwatch 3 but i sold it now. And i want to buy new smartwatch. What to chouse Samsung gear s2 classic or Motorola moto 360 2 gen ? what will be the best choise?

  6. I ordered a moto 360 II watch with the black metal band. I was disappointed by the length of the metal band. It fit my 11 year old normal grown daughter. Adding the thre delivered extra little parts to the band it still was too short. So Motorola Service promised to send me some extra parts to lengthen the metal band. After a week – the watch took less than a week to arrive from China I was still waiting for the parts. Contacting the service again I was told they weren´t able to deliver the parts. Note – we are talking about a decent watch for more than 300.-EUR. Instead I was offered to return the watch and get my money back.I was very disappointed by the customers´ service and  ordered another black metal band from China and a noname leather band to fix it to the watch until the new metal band was delivered now long enough for my wrist. Why do they deliver the watches with bands that fit children???????? Then make promise they do not keep. Finally they only let you know if YOU contact them. I DO NOT CALL THAT PROPER CUSTOMER SERVICE. Very disappointing.!!I can´t recomend this watch. After this experience  I´d go for the HUAWEIH watch instead now.

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