Moto Z and Moto Mods first look

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Lenovo has just announced the Moto Z and a suite of accessories for it called Moto Mods. They are a different take on modular smartphones than we’ve seen in the past, and let you change the look, feel, and capabilities of the Moto Z in a snap.


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32 Comments on Moto Z and Moto Mods first look

  1. Very good review.
    I hope the companies, that remove a simple headphone jack from a phone get broke.
    I dont buy this crapy ugly soundind whatever Bluetooth or Apple only connector headphones – Point!
    And the reason is not only the sound quality of these headphones they wanna force you into.
    I don't wanna go on the "charge wa"r with my headphones now that we won it with the latest smartphones and ther replacable and / or quick recharbable batteries.

  2. All things said, it's quite astounding that a company that has been ripped apart by 3 other companies has managed to put out a very nice phone. First Motorola sold off mobility, then Google stripped it of patents and the ATAP division, then finally Lenovo devoured Motorola. They still managed to do something amazing with a phone. Props to you, Motorola team!

  3. This just seems silly to me. Speaker mod?? There are bluetooth speakers available Everywhere for $20-$30 bucks! Projector mod?? Cant see using that amongst friends… And battery mod?? So you can have a 1/2 inch brick in your pocket?? Will definitely NOT go mainstream!

  4. They should have just upgraded the style all round.. if you upgrade your phone once or twice every two years you will hardly want to buy mods for a phone of you're only going to be using it for 18-24 months.

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