Moto X – Tips & Tricks!

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The Moto X is considered one of the best all around Android experiences of 2013. Do you want to know how to make the most of your experience? Watch this video, and Kevin will take you through it!

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35 Comments on Moto X – Tips & Tricks!

  1. Here are some tips.  Active notifications 0:46 (or App?!) could allow any swipe pattern. . .letter F is flashlight C  is calculator or whatever you want. Much much more buttons around the phone's edges (use them if you want them) and make them quality and easy to push.   Half decent spreaker (earpiece too ON THE BACK(and mouthpiece) (share the speakerphone's speaker. At a lower volume it will sound great. Slightly concave (sort of like the M indented on the back of the moto X, to block out noise like the good old phones)((bonus no holes on your entire front of phone. . . easy waterproofing techniques here with this layout all the holes can be wrapped with a single piece bottom that seals around the edges),  .  Multicolor notification light.  DOUBLE THE SIZE OF THAT TINY BATTERY. I have more but am out of space.  Use the jelly kind of rubber, I find it absorbs the shock better than hard materials. I have more but have no more space. :)

  2. Apparently you sound just like myself. Every time you say "OK Google now" in your video my moto x would activate voice control. Lol. Nice video anyway. Got some useful info. 

  3. It always confuses me whenever I watch Kevin's videos that while Ninja is a symbol of silent assassin, the sound effect is kinda Bruce Lee or Kungfu style of loud shoutin

  4. This is the second time that I went to watch a video expecting it to be from xda, then have the surprise of the android authority intro lol. Glad to see the tech ninja on any channel.

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