Moto X Style vs Galaxy Note 5 – Speed Test (Real Usage Conditions)

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In this video we pit the Moto X Style against the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 to see which performs better under day to day usage scenarios… opening apps, games, launching the camera, managing memory and so on…

Both are flagships from their respective brands Motorola and Samsung and while the X Style runs on an almost stock build of android, the Note 5 has samsung’s touchwiz UI on top.
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37 Comments on Moto X Style vs Galaxy Note 5 – Speed Test (Real Usage Conditions)

  1. I have the Motorola pure Edition I love that phone great display great speakers great camera great software great battery life phone's just perfect and great processor I think this is the best phone that I ever had and I love that but now I want to upgrade to the Moto z 2016 and I'm still going to keep my Motorola pure Edition I don't care for iPhone

  2. Hey buy iphones.. android sucks!!!!!!! Just kidding hahah.. This account is being old now. I will change my iphone 5S for the Style right now. I hope the battery holds 5h of SOT…

  3. when we compare the price between moto x style and note 5 moto x is way better than note 5 because a small difference in speed and price of moto x pure is 30 k and note 5 was above 50 k

  4. Hi Ash,
    I have read about the speaker problem on the Moto X Pure/Style on the Moto Forums..People have reported that the top speaker gives you a crackling/Rattling sound at higher volume and the Crack and Pop sound is very evident when you play the system ringtone called Zeta it seems..Can you please check this with your phone and let me know if the Indian unit also has this problem as I have already pre-ordered this phone and don't want to go through the what others have already faced..Please Please Please do a speaker test video detailing your comment on the above mentioned problems..Your help in this regard will be highly appreciated not only by me but also everyone else who have pre-ordered this phone.


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