Moto X Style Review Ideal Android Smartphone?

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Moto X Style review with pros & cons Moto X Style is powered by the Snapdragon 808 chipset it has 3GB RAM a 21MP rear / 5MP font facing camera and I share my experience in this review with the pros & cons so that you can judge if Moto X Style is good for you.

Moto X Style is sold in India via flipkart

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31 Comments on Moto X Style Review Ideal Android Smartphone?

  1. Hi Ranjit, I have a serious query Please do Answer!

    I am a short of user who likes brand with cheap and best Specs (Obviously best specs last longer) . I'm not a power user but occasionally demand for "CAPABILITY " . I Don't need the best but at least smart enough! I recently fell in love with MOTO X STYLE and ordered it even when I knew that it has some heating issue and less battery as per your review. I could have managed with it because it has best screen , camera , Look , metal and solidness along with best brand value !

    But I faced Strutter and hiccups while multitasking .

    Since I don't believe much visiting service centre rather then spending little more for value.
    also use authentic or paid apps most.

    Please suggest any device cost near about 20k to 25k (No matter if it will be released in future) .

    Again Brand , camera, durability, capable of playing Asphalt 8 ( Although I don't play much)


  2. Hey ,
    I am getting moto x style (32 gb) at a price point of 23k. At 30k with not so great camera and old chipset I wasn`t sure of buying it but now its available arnd 23k. So should I buy it?

  3. i have moto x style . but my getting hot when play any game 44c . this is summer time and temp is 37 .. and i am using this phone non ac environment . sir is it ok or i should replace it?? idle temp day time 37-40….and at night 34-36
    please advice me sir :)

  4. Thank you so much for your very informative videos! Please, I work in a very noisy environment. For incoming calls on moto x style and nexus p, do both speakers operate, or does the incoming caller's voice only play through the top speaker? Also, for private incoming calls, which offers the loudest volume — moto x style or nexus 6p?

  5. when you say you plan to use a device as primary, what does it signify?
    i am planning to buy this device so advice is it a wise decision considering the fact that i am pretty much fond of moto

  6. can you please let me know whether this has dual sim slots along with a separate micro sd card slot.. coz i heard somewhere that the second sim slot doubles up as micro sd card, is that true?

  7. Hello sir, i have just purchased nexus 6 but after one week of usage,I'm not satisfied with the phone, and i have requested for the refund, now shall i go with moto x style as it is available in 27 k or stick with this nexus 6.
    P.S.# i don't have any issues with nexus 6,6 inch screen size.
    Thanx in advance.

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