Moto X Style (Pure Edition) – second opinion

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Josh got a new Moto X too – in that bamboo backing that he loves so much – and he is here to bring you his thoughts on the phone. Mostly in agreement with Lanh’s great review of the phone, Josh harps on a few key aspects of the phone.

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45 Comments on Moto X Style (Pure Edition) – second opinion

  1. Moto's phablet format fits great in the hand like my Nexus 6 did. I bought a Nexus 6p and am getting rid…soulless metal slab and a weird shape…phones are a personal thing..might be the fastest in the world, but if it just 'isn't you'..that will always come sold the 6p and ordered a Moto X Style (or 'pure' in the USA)'s about life..not the's the sum of all the parts..just the way I feel.. #peace =)

  2. I'm definitely saving up for this one – What I like the most about this device is that it comes GSM & CDMA unlocked, which means that I can run this device on Cricket/AT&T or Verizon by just simply switching SIM cards and not have to make any major modifications

  3. its not that big! and the features look good and camera im thinking of buying my 1st motorola phone bye samsung! update just got my motto!! awesome phone love the cameras 4k recording and beautiful pics im reading for summer if you going to the beach or the pool get a waterproof pouch from ebay or amazon

    my ex wife just got an iphone 6plus that rotten apple is damn big! and over priced!

  4. If anyone is experiencing any Choppiness while performing a simple task like scrolling in a app this is how you fix it.

    1. Go to Moto APP
    2. DIsable Moto Voice from their
    3. Open the settings APP
    4. Go to Accessibility
    5. Turn Moto Voice off

    Their are two places were you can turn Moto Voice off if your experiencing any Choppiness

  5. Hey, buy a bike X Pure Edition by amazon was an open box, when I came brought no specification of the previous account that apparently put him, now I do not get how to enter the formatting manufactures and configure it with a new account. Please know how to perform the format is unknown when the original Gmail account? Thank you

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