Moto X Style (Pure) Android 6.0 VS Nexus 6P 6.0.1 – Which Fastest?

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Moto X Style (Pure) Official Marshmallow 6.0 vs Nexus 6P Official 6.0.1 apps opening speed test.
Marshmallow Moto X Style (Pure) is Cheap nowadays on Amazon US –

36 Comments on Moto X Style (Pure) Android 6.0 VS Nexus 6P 6.0.1 – Which Fastest?

  1. Thanks for this video. Can you tell me if the Moto X Style has some lags or other issues? The 6P too expensive for me, I have two choice, Moto X Style or Nexus 5X. Thank you for your help and sorry for my bad english.

  2. you cant go wrong with either of these phones. both of them are amazing. and i hate to say this but this type of "fastest" phone is just pointless because you never notice these when using the phone on daily basis

  3. +Tech Trinkets should I get the moto x pure edition or s6 edge. my birthday is in March and I'm looking for a upgrade. I have my galaxy note 3 right now

  4. Motorola used to have Moto Blur which was horrible. Then on the Droid Bionic and other phone the build was getting to stock. Now we have a company doing the right thing and going stock android.

  5. Which one won? I can't watch the video right now. Watching the NCIS & NCIS: New Orleans crossover. I'm going to assume that the Nexus 6P wins. I'll watch this later. I just hopped on my phone for a minute to see what new videos were on my YouTube subscriptions. Plz someone reply with the winner.

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