Moto X Style / Moto X Pure Edition Unboxing

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Whether you call it the Moto X Style or the Moto X Pure Edition, Motorola’s flagship smartphone for 2015 is a custom-painted, custom-engraved doozy of a device – and we’ve got our very own unit, fresh from MotoMaker, to unbox. Join us for our Moto X Pure Edition first impressions, and join us at 5pm ET on September 10 for the Moto X Style edition of the Pocketnow Weekly podcast:

Hey Siri: let’s talk Moto X! | Pocketnow Weekly 165

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30 Comments on Moto X Style / Moto X Pure Edition Unboxing

  1. Don't buy the phone, the build quality is a joke , there are hundreds of threads on the moto/lenovo forum ,with people complaining about various elements of the phone failing. I have had mine for 3 months and the display has failed twice(I am not alone with this issue ) it has been for a repair once already, now I have to send it again. I REPEAT – DO NOT BUY THIS DEVICE.

  2. hi i wanna buy a smartphone but i am between this moto x style(pure edition) or the xperia z3. which you recommend me? it doesn't matter the price.

  3. Just wondering, do you need to buy the turbo charger separately or is it included? On Motorola's website, it says that I can add a turbo charger… Just wanted to know so I don't accidentally get 2 turbo chargers

  4. All the customization decreases the resale value. In an era where people upgrade to a new each year, I could actually do without all the customization. It's great and all but when I know that I need to resale for maximum value 12 months later it becomes impractical.

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