Moto X Style Camera Review & Comparison with Note 5 & iPhone 6s

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Moto X Style / Moto X Pure camera review the Moto X style has a new 21MP rear facing camera capable of 4K video recording and a 5MP front facing camera with front facing LED flash and I took a lot of sample pictures & videos so that you can judge the camera of the Moto X Style and I also compare it with iPhone 6s & Note 5 camera.

Moto X Style is sold in India via flipkart

Moto X Style Unboxing & Overview

40 Comments on Moto X Style Camera Review & Comparison with Note 5 & iPhone 6s

  1. out of letv le 1s , moto x style .which one is good for selfies, gaming , battery life. It's ok even if u give me a device better than these in the things that I mentioned but the price should be less than 25 thousand indian currency

  2. Am I the only one thinking that X Style does better than iPhone in low and artificial light, but the note 5 does better than the X Style? I really like those pictures taken by the Style.

  3. I am planning to buy a multi-purpose headset which can work on my (1) Mobile phone on Bluetooth, (2) Laptop on 3.5 MM universal jack and (3) Laptop / TV on infra-red. Any suggestions. Many Thanks, Ruban Anthony

  4. Hy Ranjit sir,SIR I want a very important advice from you.I also want to be a techreviewer but the only problem is that i can't get phones,you know like spending minimum 5000 Rs. every week on a device is just not possible for me but I really want to review the gadgets….so is there any solution to this problem so that i can start my youtube channel…..please it would be great if you can help me out…

  5. compare LG V10/Samsung note 5/iphone 6s plus/sony xperia z5 cameras please ths will be the main factor to buy phones. comparingfeature like
    auto focus time
    video quality
    pixel rate on screen

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