Moto X Pure/Style Tips & Tricks

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To help you get the most out of your new smartphone, we’ve rounded up some useful Moto X Style / Pure Edition tips and tricks!

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43 Comments on Moto X Pure/Style Tips & Tricks

  1. Might be a little old to say this.. If Moto X has voice recognition to unlock the phone a.k.a unlock phrase, then it would compensate the lack of fingerprint scanner. (though not secure enough)

  2. i have just got moto x force, i cant seem to find the tab that clears all the background apps at the same time (I have to do them individually), i also cant find the moto circles widget, any ideas people?

  3. I think what drains out faster the battery is the voice assistant, because when this option is enabled it keeps the microphone on all the time to listen to what you say, also the gesture options to active the camera will take more battery because that sensor is on all the time, any electronic part on all the time needs battery, turn them off in order to get more battery life…..

  4. presently using Moto X Style/
    Pure in India. It's a great phone and I am super happy with it. But we don't get Moto maker customisability here so unfortunately stuck with standard black colour. Makes me very jealous to see these customized versions :(

  5. I am really happy with my Moto X style,especially with 2 speakers and the price.Bud now I have seen Microsofts new phone and other gadgets for Windows 10.I was just blown away.Bud when I by there new laptop.I have a good Android device and a Windows 10 device and I will have both systems.OK I

  6. i have a question to anyone using a Motorola device…. is it true about Motorola having the best antennas or reception? or other brands already have the same quality than Motorola's antenna?

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