Moto X Pure/Style (2015) review – 3 Months later

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With any smartphone, it’s easy to get caught up in the hype. And with every phone purchase, there’s almost always a ‘honeymoon’ period for the first few where you feel excited about what the device has to offer. Tech reviewers aren’t immune to these effects either and, often, we only ever get that honeymoon period. 3 months later, is the Moto X Style still a good phone?

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30 Comments on Moto X Pure/Style (2015) review – 3 Months later

  1. You say the camera is lacking and that the phone needs a finger print scanner, but you forget this phone is almost have the cost of the aforementioned Note 5.

    Granted there are budget phones (Honor 5x) that have snappy fingerprint scanners. So this year I expect to see those improvements added

    Lastly great video and you've earned a new subscriber

  2. So I justo got the X Style/Pure and I am on my second day with it and I'm having heating Issues and poor (very poor) battery Life, I think I got a defective unit because none of the reviewers mentions this.

  3. cons
    -fingerprinter missing
    -camera could be better, ui included

    -amoled screen
    -type c(for 2016)
    -updated turbo charging
    -wireless charging(irdc bout but y not)
    -NFC (or maybe later later model when market rlly takes advantage of nfc)
    -removeable back would be nice with removeable battery(my opinion)

  4. just got mine last week. Has the X received some software updates, like fixes and patches etc in the last couple of months? Cant remember ever reading about small updates for the pure/style. Just curious as to Motorola and their update policy, as I am a 1st timer with the brand.

  5. I have the Moto X Pure Edition and it´s great. Agree with you abot the fingerprint reader. Keep up the awesome work Cam, this is some of the best channels i´ve seen in youtube.

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