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There’s a lot about the Moto X that hasn’t changed over the past four months. For one thing, the price hasn’t come down: it still ranges from $399 to $525 depending on what features and materials you choose, and the array of color and finish combinations is still broader than anything the competition’s offering. The specs are still competitive; the screen size is still on the high side; and the 74-minute charge time from empty to full is still awesome. But not everything about the Moto X Pure Edition has aged so well; join us to learn what they are in the latest edition of After The Buzz!


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38 Comments on Moto X Pure Edition – After The Buzz

  1. Lenovo is losing their customer base left and right. PRAY you do not get a bad defective phone. I went through hell trying to get mine fixed by Motorola/Lenovo. Lenovo is a Chinese company which does not care, does not offer support and will continue to put out shoddy phones. Quality control is non existent. Costs too much to examine and test everything. Ugh! So pissed off. Now Lenovo's business model is to not support updated Android operating systems. Seriously, wtf? Hoping for a solid HTC Nexus 7P device in September when google should have them available. Front facing speakers would be great. But I hear google nexus is downsizing to smaller screens. Not good at all.

  2. I'm so happy these reviewists bring us these visual and very informative reviews,,,,But,,, I guess being only a mid to low range buyer, guess it's hard to stomach reviews of 5,6,7 hundred dollar phones. Some of us don't pay that for car's. Guess I'm hoping to be hear a review about a nice four hundred dollar phone that only costs two hundred and ninety is on my Virgin mobile, plan. thanks all of y'all reviewists,,, we appreciate your showing us what we can't have.

  3. My dad is getting a new phone since his old one broke and uses phones very lightly, we're deciding between the Moto X, LG G4, and the Nexus 5x. We don't want to spend more than 400$ on a phone and we're thinking of getting this. Is this a good choice?

  4. Android phones becoming cheaper? Oh. Looks like that phrase was said too early with the prices of the current flagships. And before anyone says "But the video is old", I know this. I'm just stating they spoke too soon

  5. This imo is the Most forgotten About flagship ever.. I get great battery life by turning off all the stupid crap I don't use especially all the gesture things, I would always notice it on in my pocket and killing my battery life. I've come from a s6 edge this and don't regret it all. Considering my edge will cost me $250 to replace screen and still have the terrible battery life, no marshmallow, no SD card and fragile screen I feel I made a great choice..

  6. Don't buy the phone, the build quality is a joke , there are hundreds of threads on the moto/lenovo forum ,with people complaining about various elements of the phone failing. I have had mine for 3 months and the display has failed twice(I am not alone with this issue ) it has been for a repair once already, now I have to send it again. I REPEAT – DO NOT BUY THIS DEVICE.

  7. I really love my LG G4 but there is just something about this device that I absolutely love. Maybe it's the near stock Android ui, the speakers, and the front facing flash. As long as Motorola bumps up the specs and keeps the important features like Micro SD card expansion, I may just get the 2016 Moto X when it comes out.

  8. i ordered mine a few days ago BECAUSE MOTOROLA HAS A 100$ SALE GOING ON! >w<!!! GOOD BYE LG G4 HELLOW MOTO X!

    before you ask WHY would i switch for the Moto X when i have the LG G4…well….besides the insane difference in build quality between the two which i would argue makes the moto x more attractive. The experience on LG's version of Android just isn't that great to me. The heavily modified skin with customization in mind lacks in the choices i'd like NO COLOR CHOICES FOR STATUS BAR? REALLY? CMON YOU CLAIM YOU BOOST SUPERIOR CUSTOMIZATION BUT YOU'RE NO MIUI LETS JUST BE REALISTIC HERE. And on the aesthetics of the phone itself. It doesn't do it for me. I appreciate the curved screen to help prevent possible glass shattering but the phone itself has fairly sharp edges considering it's overall design philosophy of fitting to your hand properly.While size might be a problem for some as a whole i think that the size in this case harms the phones comfortability for me. And before you say HEY THE MOTO X IS THE SAME SIZE IF NOT ARGUABLY BIGGER IN THE HAND guess what? i've held it, it' feels far nicer in the hand than the LG G4.

    the battery is extremely extremely inconsistent at all times. my battery drains by almost 20% by the time i reach my schools campus which is less than 30 minutes away from my apartment. the processor runs sooo hot that my skin actually feels dry when holding the phone for too long. the performance as a whole isn't even that great from stutters to sometimes very long loading times for not even graphically intensive games to repeated problems using knock to turn my phones screen on requiring me to repeatedly tap on the screen until it finally realizes im tapping on it.

    True the battery is replaceable and while that might seem like a good enough argument the fact that i can't get my phone to last longer than 8 hours on a single charge even with Auto sync, GPS set to the lowest settings with out turning it completely off, and the brightness always kept at around 30% unless i need it brighter while outdoors just doesn't make a good enough argument for why the battery itself doesn't last that long. Replaceable or not that's horrible no matter how you spin it. Please tell me if i'm doing SOMETHING wrong with my phone to make it last so poorly in my area.

    Granted i am in Los angeles the land of shit service all around and my original Moto X 2013 edition had some battery issues after getting to los angeles due to the poor reception in numerous areas but even that phone lasted me longer than 8 hours on a single charge and that phones from 3 years ago now.

    overall the sacrifices made for this phone do not make this phone a recommendation from me. In fact i'd recommend waiting on the new LG phone which is looking far far better than the G4 or even the V10 for that matter.the problems i have with the phone greatly ought weigh what's good with it and the price for the phone makes my problems with the phone all the worse.

  9. after the buzz ,the screen stops projecting black color in a few areas(2 months old,never dropped ) and projects blue instead,so you have to send it for repairs …

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