Moto X Pure (2015) Review!

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Moto X Pure/Style – New best smartphone under $400?

Moto X Style First Impressions:

OnePlus 2 Review:

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  1. Does ANYONE know a replacement for the key for the SD storage? I lost it a while ago and didn't realize it til now because I'm running out of space and trying to add a micro SD cards so that all the photos and videos go there instead of my main, where all the downloads, files, etc are. I can't seem to find something small enough to get in there. I've tried the SMALLEST drill-bits to see if it would fit, it wouldn't, extremely rolled up paper but for it to be strong enough to push the button, it needs to be bigger, making it not fit. PLEASE HELP!!

  2. just got mine a few days it.i would definitely agree,probably the best phone for the price.smooth as silk os,now with marshmallow.if you're on the fence,pull the trigger and pick one up

  3. I am looking for a smartphone less than or equal to $350 USD. I am wondering if I should buy this phone or the OnePlus 2. If you have a different recommendation, please tell me.

  4. Just bought this one on ebay for 250 bucks refurb. Upgrading from an S4 so i been wanting a new phone since mine has been glitching out. Was between this one and a Nexus 6P but that was 100 bucks more for near equal performance.

  5. hey kbhd are you going to have a giveaway for that Motorola x pure Edition I love to win their phone I'm from New York I've been wanting it so bad but something always comes up so I got to take my little bit of money and use it for something else

  6. Don't buy the phone, the build quality is a joke , there are hundreds of threads on the moto/lenovo forum ,with people complaining about various elements of the phone failing. I have had mine for 3 months and the display has failed twice(I am not alone with this issue ) it has been for a repair once already, now I have to send it again. I REPEAT – DO NOT BUY THIS DEVICE.

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