Moto X Play VS Nexus 6 – Speed & Camera Test!

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New Moto X Play Comparison of Speed and Camera (07:40) quality with Nexus 6!

Nexus 6 took a big pricecut recently @ Amazon US – – UK-

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  1. Okay I need some help ons which one to choose,
    In the Netherlands now(4 december 2015) the Moto X play is €330 and the Nexus 6 32GB €389
    I use my phone in school for listening to music (not on YT or Sporify but I download my music) all day and using Whatsapp and Snapchat (at least 3 hours in school).
    So as you understand i need a good battery, the X Play has a bigger battery but the screen of the Nexus 6 is alot nicer and bigger and because it is Amoled it uses less power ( if i am correct).
    The X play does have expandable storage and I already have a 32GB SD card for my music but I only use 12GB of it, the Nexus doesnt have that option but 32GB should be enough right?
    I dont usually play games on my phone so that doesnt impact my choise.
    Camera on both phones are good for my use and the rest of the phone is somewhat the same
    So what whould be the better phone for me do you think?

  2. If I use a third party camera application on Moto X play instead of stock version,does the picture clarity increases for both front and rear..
    please reply

  3. Nice video. I'm confused!! Samsung galaxy J7 or Moto X play? My most concerns are Camera and daily performance. I am not a gaming person. I mostly use mails, docs, ppts, browsing, skype, videos etc.. Any suggestion plz.. I heard camera is not good in moto X play compared to J7

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