Moto X Play video walkthrough

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46 Comments on Moto X Play video walkthrough

  1. Hi!

    I read it does not have a gyroscope. Is that true. I hope that does not mean you can not type (send mails) when the phone is in horisontal? I need the bigger screenkeyboard for my big hands!!

  2. I think what drains out faster the battery is the voice assistant, because when this option is enabled it keeps the microphone on all the time to listen to what you say, also the gesture options to active the camera will take more battery because that sensor is on all the time, the on screen notifications squeezes some battery because of the light sensor, any electronic part on all the time needs battery, turn them off in order to get more battery life………

  3. Hii I purchased my moto x play on Dec and the company says the battery with last max for 48 hrs
    But my phn battery is lasting for max to max 12 hrs or sometimes 10 hrs with normal using (no gaming or no video playing)
    So is it normal or do I have an battery issue
    Pls gv ur suggestion asap.

  4. Lag? i cannot make this phone lag or hang even if i try… actually its a bit faster than my S6 edge in everything but games and heavy apps. Sorry friend but you re way off in this video, don't assume lag because you read what processor it comes with . A video of it hanging, overall lagging or stuttering would state your case better…if you can get any that is.

  5. Bought mine a few days ago, i didn't had any lag or slow down on my daily use like they say in the video, but i'm not a power user. Pretty much is smooth for me and I just love the phone. For the price it.s perfect for me.

  6. I know this sounds like a really stupid question but when you go to the home screen (the second one with all the apps on) I've only seen it in white, can you change the background to an image that you've got in your photo gallery?

  7. I have both the moto x 2013 and 2014, and now the moto x play.
    It performs WORSE in every case than both moto x that preceded it, and even the 2013 model.
    It stutters and lags all over the UI and apps.
    Haven't tried the style (or pure edition US), but I don´t recommend anyone to get into the moto x play, literally it made me concern about the decisions that are being made on motorola/lenovo…

  8. so im getting this phone on a contract for 0$ for 45 per month with 500mgb of data and call with unlimited text and on top of that 15$ added to 45 for the actual phone and as i gift when i open a new tab i get a free moto 360 watch. so what you think?, is it good or what? XD

  9. I own an LG G4 and debating whether to go for the moto x play instead . Anyone got one of these ?thoughts opinions ? also anyone gone from an lg G4 to this ? Or reviewed both ?

  10. Hello, does Moto X Play comes with all the features of Moto X 2014, like the same voice recognition and hand gesture things? Does it have the same front facing sensors that Moto X 2014 has?

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