Moto X Play Unboxing & Hands On Overview

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Moto X Play Unboxing & Overview the Moto X Play is the mid-range android phone by Motorola it has a 5.5″ IPS 1080p screen it also has touchless Moto voice controls it is powered by the Snapdragon 615 chipset have a Octa Core processor, has 2GB RAM a 21MP rear facing / 5MP front facing camera and a massive 3630 mAh battery and I do the unboxing for Moto X Play and give you my first impressions.

Moto X Play is sold in India via flipkart

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20 Comments on Moto X Play Unboxing & Hands On Overview

  1. android is not a good os for mobiles android kharap ho jata hai sound quality bhi acha nahi hai android ka iphone and blackbery is good but motorola is good company but motorola should make there own os for mobiles should not use os like android

  2. hey ranjit can u make a video after marshmallow update for moto x play ?
    and also do u think it is worth buying the phone at this point or is there a better phone than this below 20000?

  3. hi!
    First of all, love your work!
    Well, I am planning on getting this phone for myself in few days.
    But, am having few questions, as it is my 1st time ordering a phone online. What if I find the phone to be damaged on unboxing, like I open the box and the new phone turned out to be broken in any manner.
    What will FLIPKART do regarding it?
    Will you kindly help me with this doubt of mine

  4. Hi Ranjith thanks for your valuable information. I have bought this one and using for the past 2 days as per my observation the demerits are no choice of selecting custom ringtone other thing is battery is getting very heat if you charge it or using YouTube or play store..

  5. I think what drains out faster the battery is the voice assistant, because when this option is enabled it keeps the microphone on all the time to listen to what you say, also the gesture options to active the camera will take more battery because that sensor is on all the time, the on screen notifications squeezes some battery because of the light sensor, any electronic part on all the time needs battery, turn them off in order to get more battery life………

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