Moto X Play Unboxing and Hands On Review – iGyaan 4k

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The new Moto X Play comes with a great price of Rs. 18499. Check it out

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40 Comments on Moto X Play Unboxing and Hands On Review – iGyaan 4k

  1. I have this moto x play it had come with default wall mounting double USB charger. The new comes with turbo charger. My question is can I use turbo charger for older moto x play, like the one shown in the video ?

  2. I purchased this phone ..
    interesting thing i discover int his is that lower back of this phone is magnetic . just put some pins on lower back of this mobile they ll get stick.
    and also the camera is no way near to 21 mp just..

  3. Hey Bharat! I really liked your videos and I've subscribed to your channel. I need a little help. Oneplus One , Moto x play or Asus Zenfone 2 dulex which is a better option? Please help me take a decision.

  4. now seeing the price of nexus 5x Rs 32,000 for $380, if the price of upcoming moto x style will be just like the pricing strategy of moto x play, keeping at no more than 26 to 27 thousand for a $400 device andwe'll see it destroying the competition and crushing the sales of nexus 5x completely. Looking forward Motorola #motorola #MotoXStyle

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