Moto X Play: True love isn’t so hard to find.

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Moto X Play is your perfect partner. With more than a days battery life and a water-repellent design, it’s there for you day and night, rain or shine. Take stunning photos and shoot HD video with the 21 MP camera, and view it on the vibrant 5.5″ 1080p display. Plus, enjoy a pure Android™ experience along with Moto enhancements that do more for you. Moto X Play. Choose the phone that loves you back.

45 Comments on Moto X Play: True love isn’t so hard to find.

  1. DONT NOT BUY…2 months experience, it LAGS (LITTERALLY..very slow) when u use even half of the storage space.
     LOW light camera performance is a joke!..
    CANNOT play videos after marshmellow update.
    connectivity issues
    since marsmellow LOTS OF BUGS

  2. This won't have a gyroscope and the chop functions apparently

    There won't be front facing flash and stereo speakers.

    but if you don't really care about swinging your phone like a machete for a torch and you use headphones most of the time it's a better phone than the G for sure

  3. I think Moto X Style is suitable for me and Moto X Play is suitable for my husband, because he likes to play games, bigger battery with few downgrades in display and processor won't hurt the performance for gamer , i think. 🙂 . plus he always broke his phone! it wont last a year, moto x play is cheaper than moto x style.. so it won't hurt the pocket :)

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  5. Sadly the Moto X Play and Moto G arent stereo , its a big waste of utility for the good screem since every game and video will have mono audio if we are not using earphones.

  6. Some version of this phone will be available in the US soon. Just not in August. Motorola knows everyone doesn't want a phablet. They're just rolling out their phones in phases. Can't release 3 different phones at once, people would be confused. 

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