Moto X Play review: Two day battery, finally!

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Our review of the Moto X Play is here. We have spent over a month with this phone, know it inside out and can categorically say: It’s awesome. The combination of a 5.5-inch FHD display, front firing speaker, optional 32GB memory and killer 3630mAh battery makes it sound sweet on paper, but when you pair it with a £279 starting price, this becomes a great value device as well as a great device in general.

We planned on getting the review up weeks ago, but our video camera fried, taking our memory card and our original review along with it. Thankfully, Canon lent us a 760D which this review was shot on – for more on the DSLR, check out Canon’s website:

37 Comments on Moto X Play review: Two day battery, finally!

  1. I am facing problem with its battery, even i have upgraded it to
    marshmallow ..i can provide u some battery stat screenshot? is there is
    any solution? and i heard from some people that we should factory reset
    our phone phone after up gradation to marshmallow, is it true?..and i
    should do this or not?

  2. The main problem with all these new companies selling their new phone, which look great on paper, but when you get to the software it all breaks down, for example – the one plus 2 is a exceptional phone for the money on paper but the software is laggy and glitch sometimes, not saying the phone is bad. I am just emphasizing the significance of a good software.

  3. Hi Basil. Cracking review, thanks so much for the detail. Am weighing up this versus 6P and the X Style – struggling to see where this one loses out except camera. Any reflections on the three way comparison? Thanks!

  4. Hi Btekt, I came just to say thank you as I bought a Moto X Play and I can proudly say I am really happy with the performance. To sum it up it is a Perfectly Balanced Phone. You are one of the few reviewers who made my decision simple. So Thank You once again.

  5. I just got this phone and I'm in love with it. Much better than my iPhones and Samsungs. Was surprised how fast and responsive it was, even the camera. The screen is super crisp and clear. My batter has been going 2 days and it still says I have 20hrs using it all the time. It's so nice to have a battery that actually has a life. if you want to focus the camera you can download a camera app

  6. Hi guys I'm struggling to decide which phone to get the moto x play or the Huawei p8? The only real game I play is clash of clans, I watch videos on YouTube and movies have to be of a good quality I did previously have the HTC m8 which in all honesty was ok at best. Can you recommended any of these or even a different phone

  7. Hey Btekt Congrats on getting to 70k :). Can you please do a review on Sony Z5 premium Battery life as they claim it can last 2 days. No one has really made a full hands on video for that phone yet.

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