Moto X Play REVIEW (After 1 MONTH)

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This is my review of the 2015 Moto X Play. An interesting device that sits between the new Moto G and the Moto X Style. It retails for $400 depending on where you can grab it. Let me know what you think down below in the comments!

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33 Comments on Moto X Play REVIEW (After 1 MONTH)

  1. I laughed a bit when he said "only $400". How much money are we supposed to spend on a phone? I lost my Moto X 2nd Gen on Friday on the sidewalk and some transvestite ran off with it before I could chase them down. Seriously was a tranny. It took me over a month to decide to dedicate that much money to a phone.

    Now I am getting a replacement from my carrier, the Moto X Play. I'd like to point out that having a 21 MP rear facing camera is something that alot of high end phones do not have. This phone is high end enough for me.

  2. Wow, what a terrible review. I've seen side by side pictures from an Iphone 6 vs this phone and this phone performed better, yet you describe the camera as decent. All this talk about 'premium feel' is ridiculous; all phones, for the most part, are plastic or aluminum rectangles. The 'premium' feel you talk about has more to do with the psychological effect / justification of buying a phone that costs twice the price as this one. This phone, like all modern cell phones, will feel like a rectangle in your hand. Maybe Samsung's plastic feels $400 better than this, but I think you're kidding yourself. Also, who scrolls through instagram or twitter that fast? "ohhh no, my phone lags a bit as I purposelessly flash by text and images that i can't see anyways." Such a useless indicator of a phone's success or failure.

    I previously was an Iphone user, then I switched to the Nexus lineup because I prefer android–it's more intuitive and customizable. Now I've switched to the Moto X Play because the battery is absolutely horrible on the nexus devices (the Iphone battery isn't great either). My nexus has been rendered useless so many times because it ran out of batteries. I'd rather have a phone that can make it through an entire day and night of regular or higher than average usage–and it costs less. Who cares about a 'premium' phone when it's dead?

    Let's really break down your review. Can the phone handle gaming or any other task you throw at it? Yes. Does it have a crisp HD display? Yes. Does the phone's battery last longer than all of your premium devices? Yes. Does it cost half the price of the so called premium devices? Yes. Does the camera outperform the Iphone 6 camera in certain situations? Yes.

    Man, what a terrible review.

  3. So you mention multiple times that this is a "mid-range device", yet you go on and compare it to two high-range devices. Wtf, this is a horrible review

  4. Being disappointed because you are used to high end smartphone is not an excuse. It's like a car reviewer saying that he is disappointed because he is used to drive Ferrari. You are a reviewer so you need to be flexible and adaptive. Thats's not trying to seem smart, but a friendly advice to you. Be well.

  5. I think what drains out faster the battery is the voice assistant, because when this option is enabled it keeps the microphone on all the time to listen to what you say, also the gesture options to active the camera will take more battery because that sensor is on all the time, the on screen notifications squeezes some battery because of the light sensor, any electronic part on all the time needs battery, turn them off in order to get more battery life………

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