Moto X Play In-depth Review with Pros & Cons

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Moto X play in-depth review with pros & cons Moto X Play is a mid-range android phone by Motorola it has a 5.5″ IPS 1080p screen it also has touchless Moto voice controls it is powered by the Snapdragon 615 chipset have a Octa Core processor, has 2GB RAM a 21MP rear facing / 5MP front facing camera and a massive 3630 mAh battery and I share the pros & cons with the Moto X play in this review so that you can decide if this smartphone is right for you.

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Moto X Play is sold in India via flipkart

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  1. Bought a new one today Its heating up while charging with WiFi on… Won't say over heating cause sometimes my Moto G also heats up but I hope that it happens to Moto X play only "sometimes". lets see..

  2. I'm looking at getting my mom a new phone, she currently has a nokia feature phone. I am wondering between Moto G Turbo vs Moto X Play. What are your thoughts? Also what's the difference of these two phones for their water/dust proof, I see they different certification types.

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