Moto X Play Detailed Review (After 2 Months)

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The Moto X Play is one of my favourite Android Phones of 2015. In spite of mid-level specs and pricing, it performs really well and is an excellent value.

Moto X Play Specs
CPU: SD 615. 8-core cpu, 4 1.7 GHz cores, 4 1.0 GHz cores
GPU: Adreno 405
Storage: 16GB Storage
Screen: IPS LCD, 5.5″ 1080P, 403 ppi, GG3
Battery: 3630 mAh
Camera (rear): 21MP, phase detection autofocus, dual LED flash
Camera (front): 5MP
Weight: 169g

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37 Comments on Moto X Play Detailed Review (After 2 Months)

  1. my mom has this phone but I have the Motorola g3 phone and I have only had it for 3 months so once it quits on me probably not for another 2 years I'm gonna ask my mom for this phone ?

  2. @AGNTV
    3630 mAh battery and lasts not much more than a day averagly?
    sounds lame… my lg g3 with 3000 mAh we preety much get me through a day
    i was excited about this phone and its price …but now you got me thinking
    except if you mean that it lasts a day using the hell out of it..
    please can you specify this ?

  3. is this device implements camera2 that i can install third party manual camera apps aince it has less manual controls.
    if no whether can we expect camera2 api in future upates

  4. I think what drains out faster the battery is the voice assistant, because when this option is enabled it keeps the microphone on all the time to listen to what you say, also the gesture options to active the camera will take more battery because that sensor is on all the time, the on screen notifications squeezes some battery because of the light sensor, any electronic part on all the time needs battery, turn them off in order to get more battery life………

  5. edges are plastic with metallic finish .. that means that metal finish will fade away like older samsung devices??? pls reply agntv

  6. I am facing problem with its battery, even i have upgraded it to marshmallow ..i can provide u some battery stat screenshot? is there is any solution? and i heard from some people that we should factory reset our phone phone after up gradation to marshmallow, is it true?..and i should do this or not?

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