Moto X Force| Think Practical

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Do you think practically or differently ? Do you suffer from a severe case of butter fingers? Watch Karan Talwar, Kaneez and Jeeveshu come together to give you a practical solution to the hazards of your different thinking! #MotoXForce is here!

29 Comments on Moto X Force| Think Practical

  1. Probably one of the worst after sales service I have ever seen in India… My Moto E stopped working within 2 months of purchase and now motorola has kept the handset in their service center for 2.5months now and still they are unable to resolve it… Inspite of repeated escalations they are least bothered it seems, I have no other choice now but to take this issue up to consumer's forum… practical eh?!!

  2. I guess many don't understand this is a clear challenge to Apple and making them remember their history. Motorola was outsmarted by Apple. think different was Apple's moto . and the lines of being crazy ones and misfits are lines from Steve Jobs himself.

  3. good artist – do
    great artist – innovate
    ******* – copies the advertisement dialogue

    I'm the one who is crazy enough to yell at moto in a broken Motorola phone..

    the only one thing which you changed in a Motorola phone is nothing

    this ad made me to hate this phone due to their disrespect to Steve jobs quotes

  4. i agree that you got good phones within the budget… but it doesn't mean your phones are far better than Apple… coz they are the inventors… but yours just a copycat!

  5. Very practical and very good quality ad nice execution of concept communication was 99% accurate with the target audience cool thumbs guyz great job to all the master minds and crew team behind it cherios . :)

  6. This commercial is really, really witty with an incredible attention to minute details. Having said that, I think the guys at Motorola should never have made this video. This is a direct insult to one of the best and most inspiring ads ever.

  7. BRAVEST AD I've EVER seen!! Btw The speaker said the word "edge" while showing samsung galaxy s6 falling from purse.. Deliberate timing or coincident?? Lololol ..i got u moto…LOVE MOTO DEVICES!

  8. does it provide any features that is even close to those phones with which it has compared??…an iphone is clearly not made for these fool people…it is just a mobile phone,it doesn't need unbreakable feature.Why would one use his phone like that?

  9. then add this video to ur online store where u r getting negative rating for this fantastic phone it will help bcause in present market review makes most off things for u

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