Moto X Force Gaming review with Heavy Games & Temp Check

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Moto X Force Gaming Review with popular heavy games like Aspahlt 8, Nova 3, Modern combat 5 and Mortal Kombat X and I also check the temp after playing those games.

Moto X force is officially available in India via Amazon and flipkart

Moto X force unboxing & overview video

49 Comments on Moto X Force Gaming review with Heavy Games & Temp Check

  1. @geekyranjit

    can u please answer for this please

    1. this games are played which android version ? L or M ?
    2. the next video can u check about ir blast , there is infrared but ir blast is not there

    please answer

  2. hello sir,
    i would recommend you to use other tracks in asphalt 8. they are available in quick race mode. some tracks like mount teide, cloud nine etc are more graphic intensive then iceland and tokyo so will help in better judgement of performance of the device

  3. Dear sir this is regarding galaxy E5. It does not have NFC but when we say open NFC settings via google now, then its opens up NFC setting and we have several options and features there.

  4. onething nexus 6p moto x force both using 810 chipset but they are not heating up that much.But dont whats the problem with z5 or z5p those guys are even crossing 50°c mark.

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