Moto X Force (Droid Turbo 2) – Hammer Drop Test (4K)

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Oh dear Moto X Force… We hardly knew ye….

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27 Comments on Moto X Force (Droid Turbo 2) – Hammer Drop Test (4K)

  1. You honestly expected a phone to withstand a 1.8 kilogram hammer? You do know that a phone weighs max 300 grams and that there's no way it will ever get this amount of force on it without actually slamming it with a hammer? People are so braindead sometimes.

  2. What do you expect? dropping a hammer on a phone will allways kill it. That's not what a shatterproof screen is for. People who are dissapointed by this are actually fucking stupid.

  3. To be fair, dropping a 4lb hammer on it will inflict more force than dropping the phone from quite a height. In addition, the hammer I'd focussing the force into specific areas of the phone. I think that phone would probably handle drops very well. Entertaining video ? but do you have to pay for all these phones yourself?

  4. you are wrong you didn't drop it on the other hand you dropped something on it , which makes a difference and makes no sense so please drop it don't hammer it .????.and yes it is SHATTERPROOF , MOTO ROCKS ?

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