Moto x 2014 (Lollipop) Vs iPhone 6 – Speed Test (Detailed!)

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Moto X has recieved its lollipop update bringing a lot of improvements. It has updated the UI with Material design and now runs under ART Runtime which google is developing since few years for better performance. So lets see how does it compare with iPhone 6

Moto X (KitKat) vs iPhone 6

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31 Comments on Moto x 2014 (Lollipop) Vs iPhone 6 – Speed Test (Detailed!)

  1. The applications and games are build up using 2 completely different languages and reside on completely different OS platforms.
    An application created in Android does not necessarily match up in terms of speed with the same app. scripted down in iOS and vice versa as it is dependent not only on the device hardware but also on the processing speed and performance of the underlying language and OS.
    Guess, comparing the load up speeds of applications does not actually sum up the performance of the 2 devices.
    Also need to take into consideration the element of human errors into account as the possibility of you touching or triggering an application or game exactly at the same time on both the devices every time is very less and the total response time of applications for every device is in the minute range of milliseconds.

  2. iphone loads a preview image of every app first, thats why it looks faster sometimes.. for example, youtube loaded first on the moto x… i mean, it is fair when is fully load

  3. maile timro bolne accent le chineko i was damn sure that u are Nepali alright dude Good Luck And I love gadgets and devices and Khusi lagyo that u review this kinda thing by the way i'm Jaybim From Melbourne 

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