Moto G4 vs Moto G4 Plus comparison

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We compare the Motorola Moto G4 with the Motorola Moto G4 Plus – the first in the Moto G lineup to be made by Lenovo. With the same screen size you wouldn’t immediately notice any difference between the G4 and G4 plus variant, save for that fingerprint scanner. But the G4 Plus also packs a 16MP camera and gives you the option of 3GB of RAM. For a mere £30 extra, is the G4 Plus a worthwhile upgrade? What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below.

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36 Comments on Moto G4 vs Moto G4 Plus comparison

  1. I like 5.5 inch displays (I have a zenfone 2) but I wish the G would have stayed at 5 or maybe upped to 5.2 inches for the standard version while keeping the new upgrades mentioned. I'm sure it will sell very well though!

  2. I like the overall design of the Moto G4 Plus, but that finger sensor is the ugliest thing I've ever seen on a phone beside that projector that Samsung put on their phone a few years back…

  3. please do offline maps review. this phone doesn't have compass so it wont pinpoint the direction we are facing while we are offline. it will need data connection. not everyone can use data connection while in roaming, we prefer downloading offline maps and use it. please please do that review.

  4. This phone looks beautiful. I don't know about the size though. It's just a shame that brands keep going big with the screen size. Some of us want a phone that's a bit smaller. I like the original Moto G. Glad they're finally getting a full HD panel though. This seems like it's going to have pretty decent specs too. I may still be interested. It's kind of too bad there's not a 5 inch or so version.

  5. Do Moto G4 Plus have magentic sensor?
    Do Google Camera app support in Moto G4 Plus and Do camera 360 degree features runs?
    Do Google cardboard is support in G4 Plus?
    Plz reply ASAP

  6. How much will the TurboCharger cost separately? Since it does not come with the regular version. Also, how bad will it affect on performance having 2 Gb of Ram on the regular one VS having 3 Gb of Ram on the Plus? The best version is by far more expensive than the regular one here in Mexico. $4599 VS $5599 mexican pesos, which is like $54 US Dollars of difference.

  7. no water, or dust proofing?
    also with a more powerful processor, and bigger and denser packed screen, will it consume power faster ( even with a 3000mah battery )
    and the cam sensor on g4, same as g 3rd gen?

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