Moto G4 Plus vs Xiaomi Redmi Note 3- Detailed Comparison

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Moto G4 Plus and Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 are two mid range phones below Rs 15000 in India. Here is the detailed comparison of the two devices for their design, build, display, software, performance, camera and battery life.

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26 Comments on Moto G4 Plus vs Xiaomi Redmi Note 3- Detailed Comparison

  1. this year moto G4 is not water proofe .. front camera is bad , bettery isnt powerfull , and when u do 15 minute of gaming our Camera Shooting it goes up to 45 Degree heat ,. so think again before u buy Motog4 this year … all of this phones suck in some manner ..,. Redmi camera sucks like hell .,. heavy games lagg in Redmi Note 3 .,.and it has saleout problems not available even after 6 months ,.. i wait few months and watch some new phones come out ,.. hope this help some of you guys

  2. Very good comparison! You have my like)
    Help me to choose a phone) Can you do ranking of Xiaomi redmi note 3PRO, Xiaomi Mi4c, Moto G4 plus and Asus Zenfone Selfie considering front and rear cameras?

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