Moto G4 Plus vs Redmi Note 3 vs ZUK Z1 Compared Which is best?

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Which is the best budget mid-range smartphone! Comparison between Moto G4 Plus, ZUK Z1 and Redmi Note 3 I compare 8 different parameters including camera performance so that you can judge which is the best smartphone for your needs.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Review

Lenovo ZUK Z1 Review

Moto G4 Plus Review

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  1. TALKING ABOUT THE CASE YOU THOUGHT WE NEED FOR REDMI NOTE 3, sir in a video of marques brown-lee he stated that'even if you get a case it would not help your device from damaging,instead I say buy a tempered glass.'To be specific on his talk,a case would probably help if your phone falls exactly vertical on a flat floor.but you can never expect how a fall would be,it may be on a muddy surface or an edge.So better buy a skin if you like to have a new look to your phone.Then buy a tempered glass.

  2. Lenovo ZUK z1 is a good value for money smart phone. After reading mixed reviews in Amazon and elsewhere, and a lot of internal debate whether to go for Moto G4 Plus or ZUK, I finally bought ZUK z1 with my fingers crossed and received the package on June 4th. Here's my honest, detailed review :-

    CONTENTS: Phone, Charger, Type 3 USB Cable and 1 Year Warranty Card and a Pin to open SIM Slot Tray.

    BUILT QUALITY: The screen looks shiny with smooth curved edges, metallic finish at the sides for firm grip and plastic, grey cover at the back with Lenovo ZUK logo. Overall, ZUK looks good and although it weighs 175 gms, the phone doesn't appear or feel bulky. It might be difficult for people with smaller hands to get a firm grip and for those accustomed to using smaller phones.

    BUTTONS: There's a front, rectangle button that functions as both home icon and finger print scanner. It's quick and works upside down as mentioned in specs. My only problem with it is the design which is just about enough to accomodate the pulp of my index finger and one has to physically press the button hard to unlock the phone. I don't know how it will work in the long run. To the side of the phone, there's power on/off/home button and the volume keys. I didn't detect any problems with either of them. A small LED notification light is present on top and a 3.5mm headphone jack. At the bottom, there's OTG enabled charging port that works good. On the left side, there's a dual nano-SIM slots tray.

    DISPLAY: 5.5 inches Full HD display, colours look bright. The viewing angles are good and the auto brightness feature works nice. I can view the display through the sunlight but it's not be as bright/easy compared to other smartphones in the same price range and also, Bezel is much thicker in ZUK. The one biggest con or drawback of this phone is that on close observation, my phone's LED is dimmer on right capacitative button as compared to the left. I found out it's an issue with most of the Indian Retail units being sold and it needs to be fixed immediately! However, the function of the right capacitative key is not affected.

    OS: Although not equipped with the latest stock Android Marshmallow 6.0, ZUK comes with the customizable CyanogenOS based Android Lollipop 5.1.1. I have tried out varies themes (mostly free, but there are also premium ones) in my phone and it functions pretty well so far. Also, Cyanogen has promised a new Marshmallow update in the coming weeks. This OS works best for people who like to tamper harder into the features of the phone.

    Performance: It has a 2 year old chip set (32 Bit Quadcore Snapdragon 801), but let me assure you that the phone works like a beast in terms of performance! I played Asphalt 8, Nova 3 with high graphics setting and there was no lag whatsoever. The phone gets heated after playing for 15 mins, but there's no lag even then. It doesn't heat to the point of being uncomfortable to hold but I will wait and see for a few days if the heating issue still persists while playing high end games. The problem with this old processor would be its incompatibility with some of the newer android games and the ones that will be released in future. If longevity is what you're looking for, this phone may not suit you.

    CALL QUALITY: I use Airtel and stay in Pune. The call quality and signal reception are okay from my place. I haven't tried it outside yet. I had a better call quality with my previous phone LG G2 but this is a totally subjective issue.

    AUDIO: I love the audio quality on this phone. The sound is just sufficiently loud and with the headphones on, it was brilliant! There's also an in-built customizable audio feature to change the bass etc…when headphones are being used.

    CAMERA: I'm glad this phone comes with Optical Image Stabilization feature and it works quick. The 13 megapixel rear camera clicks pictures that are sharp, clear in daylight. However, significant noise creeps into the image taken in poor light/night time even with the dual LED flash. Also, the OIS struggles to focus on images at a close range. For selfie lovers, ZUK comes with a 8 megapixel front camera which works like a dream! Overall, the picture quality of both cameras is superb and worth the money you invest.

    BATTERY: Early days to comment on battery life as I haven't had the time to test its capacity to the fullest but the initial impression was good. A single charge lasted nearly 20 hours with 90 mins of heavy gaming and the rest in light browsing, watching videos, taking photos. Initial charging from 15% to 100% took an hour and 45 mins and I had my phone switched off while charging and hence, didn't face any heating issues. I'm sure it will improve in the coming days once the phone gets accustomed to the usage.

    VIDEO RECORDING: It records videos in HD mode and the clarity is good (again works best in daylight). I especially love the inbuilt screen cast app that can record videos in great quality within the phone itself. The voice is slightly low in videos I recorded but overall, it functions as mentioned in specs. 4K videos can't be recorded though.

    STORAGE: No SD Card slot. Internal memory available was 53.5 GB/64 GB which is more than sufficient for my daily needs of browsing, light gaming, ebook reading and video watching. However, it won't be enough for people who need higher storage space in general for downloading movies, high graphic games, huge files etc.

    TASK MANAGEMENT: It has 3GB RAM and Adreno 330 ROM. ZUK multitasks seamlessly. No lagging, no performance issues so far. Couldn't have asked for anything better at this price range. It's provided with Type C USB cable for faster data transfer. 1GB movie file in my phone was transfered to Windows 10 PC in less than 90secs. I will be testing this feature more in the coming days. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Hotspot functions are spot on but ZUK's not NFC enabled.

    PROs: Good Design, Great Performance, Good Camera, 64 GB Internal Storage, Long Battery Life, Customizable CyanogenOS

    CONs: Right LED Capacitative Key is dim, No Micro SD Card Slot, Longevity (Old but efficient Processor), No NFC

    My requirements were mostly the pros than the cons and hence, I chose Lenovo ZUK z1 over Moto G4 Plus, Samsung J7 and Xiaomi Redmi Note 3. Don't regret it so far as it is holding up amazingly well under my demands! On a side note, as the capacitative key is functioning properly, I'm not going to ask Amazon for a replacement as I heard most of the people were replaced with units having the same problem. If this issue bothers you, I would recommend not to buy ZUK until the LED problem is resolved.

  3. Very good comparison! You have my like)
    Help me to choose a phone) Can you do ranking of Xiaomi redmi note 3PRO, Xiaomi Mi4c, Moto G4 plus and Asus Zenfone Selfie considering front and rear cameras?

  4. Thank you so much for comparing all the 3 devices really appreciate your effort, but could you please let me know which device will last long by your suggestion????? I am going for Moto G4 plus.

  5. can someone answer me and tell that the vr headset will work with any of the phones having gyroscope sensor or there must me some other requirement as well for the vr headset to work ??

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