Moto G4 Plus vs Lenovo ZUK Z1 Camera Comparison – Surprising & Disappointing!

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In this video we compare the cameras of Moto G4 Plus with the ones on the Lenovo ZUK Z1 to see which performs better.

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26 Comments on Moto G4 Plus vs Lenovo ZUK Z1 Camera Comparison – Surprising & Disappointing!

  1. it doesn't matter the time moto g4 plus used and in what conditions ….if it cn't survive means there is serious problems …y so disrespect to ash ….he is just bringing in the facts ….jab khud ke saath hoega tab karna …mera moto….good work ash … didn't expected such a heater from moto …

  2. Hi .. I have bought Z1 after watching so many reviews but i am really disappointed to say camera is really bad in all condition …The major issue is picture comes yellowish i don know why… Is there any setting ?? if yes thn plz guide me

  3. I feel  that these overheating and lag issues could be fixed by Motorola in the g4plus through software updates. Because the same thing happened with my Samsung galaxy s6 which was fixed after a software update. What do you think?

  4. I am very confused between moto g4 and zuk z1 . My requirement is camera and games. Phone must be durable. Should i wait for upcoming phone like htc desire 628 or any other good phone. Suggest ASAP

  5. does it get hot after 30-45 mins of YouTube viewing or browsing 9gag or surfing the web because that is all I do?? I want to know this because I am thinking of buying this over lenovo ZUK Z1 as camera is a deal breaker for me. please guys help me out here

  6. interesting finding on the g4 plus. Still recommend the g4 plus on camera. there isn't anything that comes close at the price point.

    if your gaming test shows it going over 45 degrees, then it's throttling later than it should do. Maintains performance up to a point then drops into the slow lane.

    what was the ambient temperature when you did the test btw ? lots of rain recently means cooler than usual.

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