Moto G4 Plus Unboxing and Hands On First Look – iGyaan

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**Shot on RED** We Unbox and take a first look at the Moto G4 Plus Check it out ! More Details here : Buy it Here :
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43 Comments on Moto G4 Plus Unboxing and Hands On First Look – iGyaan

  1. why moto company give low specs in 2016 ididnt know lots of mobile company is giving water proof resistance in 15k and 4gb ram moto please come with fully upgrade so we can buy a tough and best phone from yu…………

  2. so it's not a water proof, and don't have a led notification but screen works as a Led notification as you pick it up..nice(but waterproofing will be great)
    1.Does lenovo planning to add water proofing on this phone???
    2.Head phone is so basic!!

  3. so I was about to buy motog4 for my dad ….who is not a techno freak….. so there's a confusion about which model should i buy motog4 or moto x play or moto g3 ?

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