Moto G4 Plus Review – Things I Don’t Like

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Moto G4 Plus Review – Things I Don’t Like! | AllAboutTechnologies

In this video I talk about things that I Don’t Like about G4 Plus after using it for 8-10 Days.

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38 Comments on Moto G4 Plus Review – Things I Don’t Like

  1. hello… buddy….
    I saw Lenovo on the box of moto g4…
    as I am a user of Lenovo A6000+.. I found the Lenovo not good at performance .. i got it repaired for 3 times till now..

    is this mobile trust worthy ???
    or s it similar to Lenovo..plz do reply

  2. I really appreciate your thoughts on this.
    I was sorely tempted to ditch my iPhone 6 for one of these, but some of the things you've mentioned bugged me too.
    Particularly not having the fingerprint sensor as a home button.
    They could, of course gone down the Nexus route and used the "M" Dimple as the fingerprint scanner?
    Also, I'm not impressed with the bigger screen size, nor that camera bump.
    The last 2 have warded me off buying this, so I've gone for the 3rd Gen instead which has reminded me of how much I loved the 1st Gen.
    These aren't available in the shops in the UK, as yet, so it'll be interesting for me, to actually get my hands on one to see if it confirms my disappointment.

  3. Hi
    This s ruban. I have been using Moto g4 plus. The problem I have found sometimes like
    Google play stopped working message box came, when I use while changing some apps automatically open it seems and while try to type massages letters are automatically typed..

    Let me know is there any problem with this device can I change this device. Becoz last month ly I bought this phone,.. let me know as soon as possible.

    Thank you


  4. hey i bought this phone… the headset control button doesn't work on this phone…i plugged in my samsung headphones, same problem… the headset control button seems to do nothing
    why is it given then…

  5. First of all nice videos bro. It would be awesome if you could help me with this decision. Does this phone heat up when we watch 1080P movies, regularly take videos,use whatssap, play youtube videos and read books? My preferences are good camera and battery life/quick charging to read pdf's for 5-6 hrs straight. I never play games on mobile. Should I go with this phone or Redmi note 3?

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