Moto G4 Plus review

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The Moto G4 Plus is one of the best budget phones we’ve tried, and has one of the best cameras in its price range.

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48 Comments on Moto G4 Plus review

  1. Don't forget to update our motto x pure/style to Android N, please, just got it. Coming from a Nexus 6 it's definitely an upgrade and I like the size, but hook a brother up Lenovo. Motorola

  2. lol I heard "the fingerprint sensor is really fast,this phone is fantastic. Thank you" and I start checking to make sure I didnt skip anything haha. IN ALL HONESTY,we have to admit that there's really not much else he could've said in this review that we didnt already know. It just would've been alot more interesting.

  3. Can someone please explain to me why reviews constantly say "Lenovo slash Motorola" non stop. When Google owned Motorola, no one says "Google slash Motorola", but now when Lenovo owns it, everyone bats an eye on who owns Motorola

  4. This isn't a review! The only real comments on the phone were that the battery was okay, and that the phone was fantastic. Definitely a waste of time when we've already scene a hands on of this phone.

  5. please avoid this phone guys, i got it and returned. its got some serious heating issues. looks like qualcomm did not fix the 617 chip heating issues. it heats up a lot even for a 5-10 min video shooting, same goes for gaming, even for calls. really disappointed in this phone.

  6. This is not a review, better be an overview. No performance check, no camera check, no battery check, no UI check. Nothing !

    Actually it's worse than the other on-site hands-on videos I've seen in the moto event !

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