Moto G4 Plus hands-on: Fingerprint scanner, better camera, turbo charger!

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We get our hands on the Motorola Moto G4 Plus from Lenovo, the specced up variant of the newly announced Moto G4. Loaded up with 3000mAh of battery under the hood, a 5.5-inch Full HD display and a new look and feel for the G series, the ‘Plus’ variant of the Moto G4 differentiates itself with its fingerprint scanner, 16-megapixel camera complete with laser autofocus and phase detection autofocus, and the fact it packs a Turbo Charger out of the box. The Moto G4 Plus also sports a 32GB variant, which, unlike the base unit packs 3GB RAM by contrast to 2GB.

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38 Comments on Moto G4 Plus hands-on: Fingerprint scanner, better camera, turbo charger!

  1. if anyone have noticed moto g4 plus have led light on right side of fingerprint sensor..When I plugged my phone to charge white LED was blinking…I had 0% battery…if anyone can tell me if this can work as LED notification or what is that led about…. please

  2. I got it on 29May and no issue . But only that battery when first time I charged it //it took around 1:35hr to charge but on second time the turbocharge takes almost more than 2hr…..anyone facing this problem..

  3. I have a galaxy s7 edge and I'm gonna buy this cause it looks great and it's dirt cheap at around 200 us dollars, I'll get the 32gb pro in a week once they officially release it here.

  4. I really didn't like last year's Moto G. It seemed to be just the same phone as the 2014 model with some added gimmicks, but it looks like Motorola have got their act together this year. This looks very compelling.

  5. Everything is perfect for its price but man why 5.5 inch ?? Its just too big. They could have made the regular G4 as 5 inch and G4+ as 5.5 inch. Lenovo ruined it.

  6. I like the notion of a nano Sim Card Adapter, I'm seriously thinking of jumping ship from my iPhone 6.
    Great price, cheaper than the 16 GB version of the 3rd Gen on the Motorola Website.

    BTW, this is "up," on the site, but there are no clues as to when it's going to be available.

    The only thing that worries me is that protruding camera..I've spent a ton of money trying to find a decent case for the iPhone 6 in order to make it "level/balanced." I'd not want to go through all that again with this.

    The other "downside," is that there won't be much in the way of accessories, namely, Screen Protectors, as yet, so I may still plump for buying the 16 GB 3rd Gen and then switching to this next year, once I've gotten my hands on one! :O)

  7. I just don't see why the fingerprint reader wasn't added on the dimple instead of placing it on the front at the sacrifice of front facing stereo speakers(seems like the top still houses a speaker, at least). This just seems like a regression from the 2015 models in the design standpoint. At least Lenovo didn't butcher the near-stock UI, thankfully.

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